The Cartel are an improv comedy troupe who perform as part of the Free Association Group. The group has several different troupes operating under it, and they each have their own distinctive identity. The Cartel approached me to create an identity that would help them stand out from the other groups, who tended to use film pastiche or genre specific imagery.

The group had expressed an interest in using a collage of photographic imagery and graphics to create a surreal tone to the identity. Each member of the group was therefore shot individually, for maximum flexibility in composition. Various parts of these portraits were then replaced with hand drawn graphics. It was quickly apparent that the best part to illustrate would be the legs of each performer. A splash of colour across the eyes (mirrored in the name), draws the eye in and highlights the expression of each performer. Creating a GIF, where the legs and the title alternate, felt like it would be more eye catching and increase the surreal/comic feel of the identity.

My identity for The Cartel

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