I worked closely with global design studio Checkland Kindleysides to build out a case study and create an awards submission video for their brand design work on the next-generation eyewear brand MORROW.
Working with a carefully crafted suit of custom brand assets, I helped bring the brand to life by developing a motion design language that further emphasised the ideas contained within the brand design. To do this, we focussed in on the game-changing nature of the product - long and near distance vision at the click of a button.
Agency: Checkland Kindleysides    Client: MORROW
This ‘click’ device became key to the motion design - switching us in and out of the brand’s monochrome black and white colour palette as well as switching us between different scales of execution to reflect the idea of near/distance vision. This device also worked well as a way of showcasing the brand’s superscript typography - another playful way of referencing near and far.
The MORROW logotype provided further opportunity for me to develop motion ideas inspired by the science of optics and vision. The mirrored, inverted nature of the logotype (a reference to the way our brains flip the images our eyes capture) allowed me to play with the idea of inversion and mirroring when showcasing how it was created - as well as highlighting the hand-cut nature of the characters.
Having developed this brand-aligned motion language, I then focussed on creating various tone of voice executions - bringing typographic compositions to life with clicks, inversions, scaling and flipping.