I worked with London-based agency Checkland Kindleysides to create looping architectural screen content for nightwear and lingerie brand Nayomi.
The brief was to create subtle, elegant creative that would become part of Nayomi's retail refit. This creative would be displayed on five large, floor-to-ceiling LED screens that form part of the shopfront and entrance. The content, while not contiguous, had to be balanced and feel like part of a whole, as well as being an extension of other design elements.
Agency: Checkland Kindleysides  Client: Nayomi
The solution was to use looping footage of a cascading silk sheet, colour-matched to the Nayomi brand. The footage was cropped to make full use of the vertical height of the screens, running from top to bottom, billowing and flowing to create a dynamic visual with sustained interest.
To differentiate the entrance and to add some subtle branding at eye-level, Nayomi's golden 'N' brand device was added to the entrance screens. These was rendered in subtle 3D, with lighting and gentle movement giving it weight and a metallic lustre. The 'N' was also masked to appear and disappear from behind the silk, giving depth and a sense of playfulness.
Front view visualisation of the Nayomi store
Entrance view visualisation of the Nayomi store