Peckham Vision has a long history of championing and activating the community of Peckham town centre. While Peckham Vision has a good level of name recognition in the community, it has no consistent or recognisable visual identity. This was creating confusion and ambiguity around who Peckham Vision is, and whose interests they represent.
My proposal was to create a striking and coherent visual identity for Peckham Vision that was, at once, vividly fresh and contemporary, and unmistakably Peckham. 
This new identity's stylised, stacked wordmark with the visual "eye" motif is instantly recognisable and works well across all of Peckham Vision's social platforms, community activations, livery and crucial revenue-generating merchandise.
Comprising a stylised, stacked workmark, containing a visual “eye” motif, the identity worked effortlessly across Peckham Vision’s social platforms, as well as working well on its merchandise (an important source of income), and on instantly recognisable livery for its community activations.